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DV-20 SUPER FINISH Polymer Coat – Size

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MEGARON DV-20 SUPER FINISH Polymer Coat, White
is intended for smoothing the surfaces of walls and ceilings inside buildings and for filling small scratches and voids. It creates a durable base for paint coatings and wallpapers. Dv-20 can be used on all mineral construction bases and old paint coatings, including oil and emulsion paint, as long as the base is durable, clean and dry.

The product is a construction mortar intended for internal finishing works. In terms of chemicals, it is a mixture of mineral raw materials, polymer dispersion, chemical additives and water. It has a pasty consistency. The process of binding the product takes place during the evaporation of water from the mortar. Binding is an irreversible process.

Filling interior walls and ceilings
Filling cavities and cracks in plaster
Easy to sand

Shade of white: 5 of 5
Susceptibility to grinding: 4 of 5
Flexibility: 5 of 5

Color: White
Adhesion to substrate ≥ 0.3 MPa
Manual application and mechanical application
Layer thickness: max 3 mm
Working temperature +10 to +40°C
Consumption for a layer of 1 mm approx. 2 kg / m²

Available in 5 and 20 kg containers

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20 kg, 5 kg


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