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DOLINA NIDY Building Gypsum – Size

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DOLINA NIDY Building Plaster / Gypsum
for the production of mortars and prefabricates,
for construction and renovation works,
for use inside buildings

  • minor repair works on the surface of walls and ceilings inside buildings, e.g. filling cavities, sealing dowel holes, etc.
  • assembly works, e.g. fixing aluminum and mesh corners, sticking guide strips before making gypsum plaster, joining and stabilizing gypsum elements
  • work installation, e.g. embedding flush-mounted boxes, filling grooves with electric wires, etc.
  • for use on unplastered surfaces, made of ceramic elements, sand-lime brick, ordinary and cellular concrete, as well as on cement, cement-lime and gypsum plasters as well as on chipboards cement
  • for use inside buildings
  • for the preparation of mortars and gypsum prefabricates

Main properties

  • very fast increase in mechanical strength, fixed elements are immobilized and stably fastened in a short time
  • short setting time allows for quick stabilization of the fixed element, without the need to use additional supports
  • the product is very easy to apply and shape
  • standby time 10 minutes
  • start of setting time after approx. 3 minutes

Available in 2 and 15 kg bags

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15 kg, 2 kg


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