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DOLINA NIDY Filling Gypsum – Size

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DOLINA NIDY Filling Gypsum
for finishing plaster and all renovation and assembly works inside buildings.

FILLING GYPSUM is a dry mix based on natural gypsum binders
sourced from gypsum stone calcination, mineral fillers and
modifiers, which make the mortar flexible and easy in application.
The use of FILLING GYPSUM enables to form strong surface of high
level of smoothness forming perfect substrate for painting and
wallpapering. It is ecological, environmentally-friendly, ensures
favourable room microclimate with beneficial influence on human
health and well-being.

Maximum single coat thickness: 5 mm
Beginning of setting: > 20 minutes

The average consumption for top finish is approx. 1.0 kg per 1 m² for coat thickness of 1 mm

Available in 2, 15 and 25 kg bags

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15 kg, 2 kg, 25 kg


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