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KNAUF MP Finish Gypsum Plaster, 20 kg

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KNAUF MP Finish Gypsum Plaster, 20 kg

Knauf finishing plaster offers a superb, high-quality finish and exceptional coverage
and makes the spray application of finishing plasters possible. It hugely increases
efficiency whilst allowing for a more traditional application method.

Knauf MP Finish is a spray-applied finishing plaster applied at a 2-3mm thickness. Suitable for use
directly over plasterboard or where backing plasters or fully cured sand and cement undercoats have
been applied. MP Finish hugely increases productivity when machine applied and offers coverage of up
to 18m2 per 25kg bag. MP Finish is extremely tough and durable, drying in 2-21/2 hours to a smooth
white surface to receive a decorative finish. Knauf MP Finish is also suitable to be hand applied.

Binding product, working time approx. 60 min
Obtaining a homogeneous mass without lumps
Easy to mix by hand and mechanically
Adjust the consistency by adding powder or water
Very good application properties
For manual and mechanical application
Very good adhesion to the substrate
Single layer thickness up to 5 mm
Color after drying similar to that of gypsum plaster
Easy sanding of the dried surface
Smooth surfaces of walls and ceilings, ideal for painting or other decorative works
Ideal product as a substrate for polymer thin-layer masses

20 kg bag

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 15 cm


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