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C-45 GOLD Extra White Plaster Skim, 20 kg

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the finish coat is an excellent material for preparing walls and ceilings inside buildings before painting, wallpapering, etc.
Also for renovation of old plasters, plastering entire walls, filling gypsum plasterboards (for pointing and filling scratches and cracks,
it is recommended to use the special CEKOL C-leveling mortar. 40). CEKOL C-45 leveling plaster allows for very smooth surfaces.
Thanks to the modernized formula, it is suitable for manual and mechanical application.

Additional information:

Cekol C-45 is one of the best finishing materials available on the market, easy to apply and process,
perfect as a surface preparation for covering with paint or wallpaper. It will also work well in the case of renovation of old plastering.
The product is distinguished by excellent adhesion, regardless of the type of substrate – can be successfully used on concrete,
brick or plaster surfaces, ensuring durable, long-term coverage of walls and ceilings.
It creates a perfectly even surface and ensures a flawless white coverage even with a thin layer.
Resistant to discolouration, remains white even with intense exposure to light.
Non-toxic material, based on natural ingredients, which makes it safe both during application and during operation.

  • Based on natural raw materials
  • For wet or conventional processing
  • Possible wet on wet application
  • Smooth or decorative effect
  • Breathable
  • Layer thickness 1-10 mm
  • Should be used within 60 minutes.
  • Capacity: approx. 1.5 kg/m²/mm
  • Working temperature +5 to 25°C
  • Beginning of bonding ≥ 60 min
  • Flexural strength ≥ 2 N/mm²
  • Compression strength ≥ 4 N/mm²
  • Adhesion to substrate ≥ 0.5 N/mm²

20 kg bag

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 55 × 35 × 30 cm


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