Geotextile Membrane for Drainage, 150g/m2, 1x 50 m

Application: Izolation and stabilization of the weak base of embankments and to accelerate consolidation; izolating layer between soils or aggregates of different grain size; as base layers keeping the ground under geogrids, gabions, in the construction of reinforced slopes and embankments; to cover drainage systems in order to protect them against silting with fine-grained soil

About: strengthens, protects, filters, separates, Grammage 150 gsm

More characteristics: reinforcement of roads, entrances, paths, used as a separation layer, creates a barrier and separates the dusty substrate, prevents the subgrade from collapsing, and also reduces the formation of ruts, protects drainage systems against silting

Material: geotextile

Package: 50 m2

Parameters: Grammage 150g/m2, durable