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Dry Wall Waterproofing Liquid Agent

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Dry Wall Waterproofing Liquid Agent Ultrament

If you want to protect the building against the harmful effects of moisture, it is worth using Ultrament Dry Wall. Efficient and effective solution. The selected ingrediants in the mixture block water and the formation of moisture. In addition, Ultrament Dry Wall reduces damage to walls caused by water and moisture, preventing water from rising into the higher parts of the walls. A simple to use and effective agent. Successfully used in residential buildings, historic buildings, garages, brick fences, gazebos and cellars. Ultrament Dry Wall can be used both outside and inside buildings. The advantage is also the efficiency, depending on the thickness and structure of the wall, and the ease of application with a brush or spray.

Application: sealing and insulation of masonry surfaces from moisture

About: The agent fills the capillaries in the wall, and then crystallizes, blocking rising moisture and water from entering. In addition, the product removes and limits damage to the wall caused by moisture.

Usage: 6 – 9 kg per 1 running meter with a wall thickness of 30 cm

Material: silicate solution

Container Size: 5 and 30 kg

Warranty: 2 years

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