Novodomo Horizontal Insulation of uPVC Foundations 30 m
0.3 x 30m and 0.5 x 30 m

The uPVC horizontal insulation is an essential component of well-made foundations. It will perfectly protect the base of a newly built house against both frost and moisture. It is especially important to protect against moisture, because its presence can lead to the development of fungi and mold. In addition, it is the cause of erosion, which contributes to faster deterioration of the building. The material has special embossing, giving it anti-slip properties and is very durable and flexible. Perfectly adheres to the insulated surfaces and is resistant to any deformation of the substrate. This translates into a long shelf life. PVC insulation is an excellent alternative to the roofing felt and adhesive used in the past.

Application: horizontal insulation of footings, wall battens, partition walls

About: flexibility – ensuring very good adhesion and resistance to uneven deformation of the substrate; made of PVC with a special delicate pattern of embossing ensuring anti-slip product and perfect connection with mortar

Material: uPVC

Dimensions: 30x 3000 cm, 50x 3000 cm

Thickness: 1 mm

Characteristics: Its excellent flexibility ensures very good adhesion and resistance to uneven deformation of the substrate, as well as stable strength parameters during operation guarantee tightness of the product throughout the entire period of use. Waterproof

Packaging: 30m