Novogarden Geotextile Membrane for Drainage
0.5 x 50 m / 1 x 50 m

When looking for effective methods of securing the substrate in drainage systems, it is worth choosing the high-quality Novogarden geotextile. The high-quality product offered in 50 m rolls is distinguished by very good filtration properties, resistance to the passage of time and tensile strength. The Novogarden drainage geotextile passes the exam, among others, when protecting the edges of ponds, ponds and rivers, reinforcing earth embankments and slopes. In addition, geotextile for drainage protects against silting and has a stabilizing effect on the ground. The high parameters of the geotextile make it suitable for both small stabilization works and larger areas. The light and resilient Novogarden geotextile is distinguished by its appropriate structure, which allows the flow of water while preventing the penetration of soil particles. The use of geotextile is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to stabilize the ground wherever it is needed.

Application: Isolation and stabilization of the weak base of embankments and to accelerate consolidation; isolating layer between soils or aggregates of different grain size; as base layers keeping the ground under geogrids, gabions, in the construction of reinforced slopes and embankments; to cover drainage systems in order to protect them against silting with fine-grained soil

About: strengthens, protects, filters, separates

More characteristics: reinforcement of roads, entrances, paths, used as a separation layer, creates a barrier and separates the dusty substrate, prevents the subgrade from collapsing, and also reduces the formation of ruts, protects drainage systems against silting

Material: geotextile

Dimensions: 50x 5000 cm / 100x 5000cm

Thickness: 0.6 mm