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ROCKWOOL 038 Firerock Slabs with Alu Foil

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ROCKWOOL 038 Firerock Slabs with Alu Foil, 2.5 cm thick, 0.038 W / (mK) 4.8 sqm, Cavity barrier

for chimleys and fireplaces.
durable – do not break or chip, thus guaranteeing safety for years.
Thanks to the aluminum screen cover, the heat is reflected, which significantly increases the efficiency of the fireplace
Maximum application temperature ST (+) 580 ° C

Non-flammable, high-temperature FIREROCK stone wool sheets with aluminum foil lining are used to insulate cast iron inserts in the fireplace enclosure to protect against fire and high temperatures. It is an easy-to-install product that fits any fireplace casing. It can be used in traditional fireplaces or fireplaces in the form of an arch. The material can also be used to insulate a wooden beam or a marble top, as well as a plasterboard lift.

Material: Mineral Wool
Thickness (mm): 25
Type: Rock
Application: Fireplace
Thermal conductivity (W / mk): 0.036
Packaging converter: 0.12 m3
Packaging: 4.8 m2
Additional information: 8 pieces in pack

T [cm] 2.5, W [cm] 60, L [cm] 100

Additional information

Weight 14.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 102 × 62 cm


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