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ISOVER 037 Glass Wool Sheet

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ISOVER Aku Glass Mineral Wool Sheet, 0.037 W / (mK)

is used in light building systems. Its wide application, ease of laying and durability make it an ideal solution in many situations.
Isover Aku sheets are used for thermal and acoustic insulation of light partition walls and suspended ceilings. In addition to its thermal properties, this glass mineral wool insulation is valued for its excellent protection against fire (it is non-flammable) and for sound absorption.
Due to its features, Isover Aku sheets are also used on layered brick walls and frame structures, to insulate attics and lofts and to waterproof floors. Due to the low weight and thermal properties, this sheets don’t burden the structure of buildings and don’t sag over time.

Material: Mineral Wool
Thickness (mm): 50, 75, 100
Width: 600 mm
Lenght: 1200 mm
Type: Glass
Application: Partition Walls
Thermal conductivity (W / mk): 0.037

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100 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm


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