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ISOVER 039 Uni Mata Glass Wool Insulation

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All rolls in original packaging. Please note some of the insulation may be wet on one end and labels on the packaging could be faded.

Delivery charge applies • while stocks last • please contact us if you need more from the new stock


ISOVER Uni Mata Glass Mineral Wool Insulation, 0.039 W / (mK)

is a successful material for creating insulation in residential and farm buildings.
Glass mineral wool works both as thermal and accoustic insulation.
Mineral wool Isover Uni-Mata is especially recommended for installation on sloping roofs between rafters. Moreover, it can be placed on unused floors of attics and attics, also between joists.
Construction professionals successfully use Isover Uni-Mata wool, available here in a 5, 10 and 15 cm thick variant, not only for wooden frame structures, but also for steel structures.
Properly made insulation in the building based on mineral wool will reduce heating costs in the cold seasons and cool the indoor temperatures during the hottest weeks.

Material: Mineral Wool
Thickness (mm): 50, 100, 150
Width: 1200 mm
Type: Glass
Application: Attic
Thermal conductivity: (W / mk): 0.039

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100 mm, 150 mm, 50 mm


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