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ISOVER 039 Glass Wool with Reinforced Foil

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ISOVER Ventilam ALU PLUS Glass Mineral Wool 3 cm with Reinforced Foil 0.039 W / (mK) 8 m2

is a self-adhesive mat, which on one side has been covered with a special, reinforced aluminum foil.
Designed for anti-condensation, thermal and sound insulation. This type of insulation effectively protects various types of systems, as well as air conditioning, ventilation and heating installations against excessive noise, effects of cold and condensation.
Characterized by very high flexibility, which allows it to be perfectly adapted to any shape like round and rectangular ventilation ducts, pipelines, tanks i.e.
Quick and easy installation.
High elasticity and no deformation, retains its appearance unchanged for a long time.

Material: Mineral Wool
Thickness (mm): 30
Type: Glass
Application: Ventilation Ducts
Thermal conductivity (W / mk): 0.039
Packaging converter: 0.24 m3
Packaging: 8 m2

T [cm] 3, W [cm] 100, L [cm] 800

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 120 cm


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