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KNAUF ROTBAND Bonding Manual Plaster

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Knauf Rotband is a pre-prepared dry gypsum plaster
with special bonding additives designed to create smooth surfaces of any structure on walls and ceilings inside the buildings;
used manually as a single layer gypsum plaster on all kinds of substrates.

An easy to handle mineral product. It is a plaster with special lightweight additives.
Due to bonding additives, it is especially suitable for concrete ceilings and walls as well as pre-cast concrete components and all common plastering substrates.

Mineral product,
Easy to handle in all stages of the work,
Suitable for manual plastering,
Single-layer plaster,
Long processing time,
Uniform hardening,
Resistant to impact and pressure,
Regulates humidity and is vapor permeable,
Allows walls to breathe,
Creates a pleasant and healthy climate in rooms,
Meets fire protection requirements,
Can be applied up to 50 mm thickness.

To create smooth surfaces, of any substrate or damaged walls and ceilings,
As a one layer plaster for all types substrates,
In kitchens and bathrooms ordinary use (e.g. toilets in schools and bathrooms in hotels, hospitals, etc.) where max. humidity is < 70 %,
As a substrate for all types of paints and wallpaper,
As a substrate for tiling,
As a substrate for finishing plasters.

Available in 5 and 25 kg bag

If you require a high quantity of a product, please contact us to discuss your requirements, the best options and the lowest transport prices. 

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