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MP75 Machine Gypsum Plaster 25 kg KNAUF

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MP75 projection plaster for mechanical application on all rough and absorbent mineral substrates in new construction or renovation. The effortless application is 3 times faster than traditional plastering, the result is a superb white finish approved by contractors. Knauf MP75 is applied in one coat and provides a tough and durable surface that can be painted or left for a “natural” look.

There is none of the mess normally associated with wet trades as the projection system
contains and manages the mixing process and provides the professional plasterer with a
new level of control when applying the plaster. The nozzle makes it easy to work in
difficult areas such as stairwells, and around pipes and conduits.

3 times faster:
A fully trained 3 man team can spray, rule and finish 150m2 of Knauf MP75 in a single working day. This brings benefits for the plastering contractor, who can work more efficiently, and for the client as it allows the commercial yield to start sooner.


Easy to handle in all stages of the work,
Hardness 10N/mm2
Tensile strength 1.8N/mm2
Compressive strength 5.5N/mm2
Maximum thickness 20mm
Single-layer plaster,
Long processing time,
Uniform hardening,
Fast drying and even curing,
Vapor diffusion open material,
Ensures airtightnes,
Can be finished with all types of coatings when applied in one layer (tiles, etc.),
Can be structured

Available in 25kg bag

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 32 × 25 cm


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