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Atlas NKP Grunt Gel Primer

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Atlas NKP Grunt Gel Primer 10 kg

strongly penetrates and strengthens the substrate

The most important features:

  • colloidal formula
  • adapts to any surface
  • ready to use
  • deeply penetrating
  • no stains
  • does not make the surface shiny


  • It does not drip during application – it is a product with a gel consistency, ready to use without diluting with water. In undiluted form, it allows application without the unpleasant effect of dripping and splashing, which is important especially when applying the primer to a wall or ceiling.
  • The colloidal combination of polymer resins and specially selected thickeners allows for:
    – taking 2x more product onto the tool than in the case of standard primers, enabling priming of 2x larger surfaces at once,
    – faster application – eliminating the need to frequently refill the product on the tool,
    – cleaner work – without protecting the surface against dirt and splashes of primer during application (gel consistency of the primer). significantly reduces splashing, also when priming ceilings).
  • It works quickly – you can start further work after:
    – 15 minutes – for gluing tiles on cement substrates,
    – 30 minutes – for loose or dispersion finishes, plasters, for gluing tiles on anhydrite substrates,
    – 60 minutes – for painting, wallpaper adhesives, water-soluble carpet adhesives, dispersion waterproofing ,
    – 90 minutes – in the case of preparing the wall for ETICS systems,
    – 120 minutes – for bases and floors.
  • Increases the efficiency of paints – by equalizing the absorbency of the primed substrate, it increases the efficiency of paint coatings.
  • Facilitates the application of subsequent layers – paint coatings, adhesives, plasters and putties, self-leveling primers and floors, carpet adhesives, wallpaper adhesives, thermal insulation adhesives, etc.
    Undiluted primer allows for comfortable application:
    – on any surface, especially on walls and ceilings,
    – under any type of finishing layer.
  • Binds loose particles on the surface of the substrate – after dedusting the surface, it effectively binds all loose particles of dust, dust, etc.
  • Intended for application at elevated temperatures – recommended for use in the range from 5 °C to 35 °C.
  • For inside and outside buildings.
  • Solvent-free.
  • To be applied by roller, brush or spray.


On average, 0.05 – 0.2 kg of emulsion is used per 1 m² (1 kg of primer is enough to paint 5 to 20 m² of the surface). In practice, consumption depends on the degree of absorbency and structure of the substrate.

Packaging: 10 kg

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 35 cm


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