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Atlas Uni-Grunt Primer Fast Drying

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ATLAS UNI-GRUNT primer, fast drying priming emulsion

Most important features:

  • deeply penetrating
  • decreases and unifies substrate absorptiveness
  • reinforces absorptive substrates
  • under floors, screeds, adhesives, plasters, top finishes, paints
  • the possibility of dilution

ATLAS UNI GRUNT is an impregnating sealer for priming, manufactured on the basis of the finest quality water dispersion of polymer resins.
Very short time of drying – depending on temperature and air humidity, application of next layers on a primed substrate is possible after:
•15 minutes – for adhesive mortars ATLAS,
• 2 hours – for floors and self-levelling screeds, painting coats on cement-lime plasters, silicate hollow blocks and aerated concrete blocks.

For application with a roller, a brush or with a sprayer.


  • Reinforces top surface of primed mineral substrates – penetrates into material structure, reinforces it and improves its load-bear capacity.
  • Improves yield of paints, top finishes and adhesives – increases yield of materials used for the next layer application, reduces their consumption by sealing structure of a primed substrate.
  • Facilitates application of the next layers – painting coats, adhesives, top finishes and fillers, floors and self-levelling screeds, adhesives for carpets, wallpapers, adhesives for thermal insulation etc.
  • Decreases substrate absorptivity – prevents from excessive water retention from the product applied on the primed substrates: cement screeds with or without floor heating, various types of renders etc.
  • Unifies substrate absorptivity – product applied as the next layer has uniform setting conditions on the whole surface, including areas with local repairs.
  • Bonds non-stable substrates – reduces dust on floors, screeds and plasters.
  • Intended for application at high temperature – recommended for use at temperature from 5°C up to 30°C, indoors and outdoors.
  • Very low VOC content – 15-times reduced content of volatile organic compounds in terms of legal requirements.
  • Transparent, solvent-free and water-soluble – product is colourless after drying, does not cause substrate discolouration.

Substrate and ambient temperature during application: from +5 ºC to +30 ºC.

The average consumption is 0.05 ÷ 0.2 kg of emulsion for 1 m². In practice, the consumption depends on the substrate absorptivity.

Packaging: 5 or 10 kg

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