Basin Waste Kit Purus w Flexible Pipe, 40 mm diameter
Waste Kit

is based on durable materials, which ensures its reliability even in difficult conditions of use. This product is resistant to mechanical damage and external factors, which makes it perfect for various conditions.

used in bathroom installations, enabling efficient and effective drainage from washbasins. Thanks to its design and special technical solutions, it allows for stable and failure-free operation, reducing the risk of problems with water outflow. Its solid construction and high functionality make it an ideal element of sanitary installations.

Thanks to the use of a special reduction, it can be combined with any drain valves equipped with a 1 ?” or 1 ?” threaded outlet. It is one of the lowest waste kits available on the market (total height is only 50 mm), which means that its installation will save a lot of space.

Material: PVC
Color: white
Type: tubular
40 mm diameter
EAN: 7391543525833

Warranty: 2 years