Wash Basin Bottle Trap, 32 mm Diameter, White, with Washing Machine Connection,
Waste Kit, Drainage

This waste kit is made of plastic with excellent properties. It is resistant to hot and cold water, as well as to the effects of cleaning products commonly used in bathrooms. Additionally, it has a perfectly smooth surface, thanks to which dirt does not accumulate inside the drainage and cause it to clog.

The 32 mm bottle washbasin trap is equipped with a strainer that aesthetically finishes the drain in the washbasin. Additionally it has an inlet for the convenient connection of a washing machine, so that dirty water from the washing can be efficiently discharged into the sewage system. Therefore, there is no need to make a separate connection for the washing machine itself, which allows for faster and much easier finishing of the renovated bathroom.

Material: synthetic
Color: white
Type: bottle
32 mm diameter

Warranty: 5 years