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OMNIRES Y Rain Shower with Thermostatic Mixer

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OMNIRES Y Rain Shower with Thermostatic Mixer

Finish: chrome


  • Highest quality thermostatic cartridge with a 38°C lock, protects against sudden temperature changes and guarantees long term product performance.
  • The shower head is made with ANTI-SCALE technology. A silicone insert prevents internal water stagnation. Occasional tilting of the shower head, to let out stagnant water, guarantees long term product performance.
  • The product is coated using the advanced electroplating technology which guarantees durability and good resistance to mechanical damage and facilitates cleaning.
  • The showerhead is made of high quality stainless steel which offers exceptional resistance to damage and guarantees long term product performance.
  • The ULTRA SLIMLINE showerhead has been designed with environmental footprint in mind. Its ergonomic, subtle shape minimizes water flow and reduces the overall water consumption.
  • The EASY CLEAN nozzles: easily remove any limescale from the shower head and the hand shower by simply wiping their silicone surface.
  • The mixer’s body, the valve and the rosette are all made of high quality A-grade brass.


  • thermostatic shower mixer
  • hot water lock at 38°C
  • stainless steel shower head, dimensions: 20 x 20 cm, reach from the wall: 43 cm
  • hand shower, 1-function
  • stainless steel flexible shower hose, length: 150 cm
  • shower head/hand shower stream switch embedded in the water knob
    adjustable height, minimum/maximum system height: 90 cm/130 cm

Warranty:2 years

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Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 85 × 39 × 8.5 cm


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