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WC Frame with Cistern Set H:112 Geberit

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GEBERIT Unifix WC Frame with Concealed Cistern and Flush Plate, Delta 50, H: 112 cm

The Geberit Delta frame rack with a built-in  cistern are a combination of the highest quality material, manufacture and easy installation.
With the use of extremely resistant materials you get a reliable system behind the wall of your bathroom that ensures safe use and economical flushing.
Delta flushing cistern have the option of adjusting the valve from the standard 6/3 l system to 4/2 liters flushing.
This saves consumption and allows greater savings.
The Delta cistern will work behind the wall for many years.
With an exceptionally thought-out design and an unique structure, including the inlet bend, the protection against any leaks is very effective.
What’s more, the material from which it was made, i.e. PE-HD polyethylene, is highly resistant to any external factors, and therefore durable and reliable,
according to numerous tests, it will serve you a minimum of 50 years without any damage!

Rack type: for toilet bowl
Rack depth [cm]: 14.5-20, Rack height [cm]: 112 – 132, Frame width [cm]: 50
Inlet height [cm]: 104.5
Space-saving: yes
Flush [l]: 3/6 adjustable to 2/4, Flushing mechanism: mechanical
Flush plate included: Yes, Delta 50, Colour: chrome
Silent mechanism: yes
Cistern connection: rear
Heat and sound insulation of the tank: yes
Shut-off valve included: yes
Dimensions: 112x50x12 cm

Warranty: 10 years

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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 112.8 × 13.5 × 53 cm


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