This is the most popular universal mounting wedge for windows and doors installation.
The material shape allows for stable fitting of windows and doors where the surface is unsmooth.
Two wedges can be used as a system for supporting and adjusting windows and doors.
Due to their serrations they cannot slide on each other.
Therefore they provide the most safeties installation process.
Precise serration causes the two opposing wedges to only move to one side.
Made of high-quality polyethylene that provides high strength and
it is resistant to cracking even under overloads. It can be cut and trimmed.
Resistant to weather conditions, including high and low temperatures.

Benefits of professional mountig wedge:
Two wedges allow for adjustment in the range of 18-40 mm
Compressive strength – up to 400 kg
Resistance to temperature from -35 ° C to 100 ° C
Resistance to biological factors such as fungi and mold
Resistance to crushing during punching or drilling

10 pcs set

Dimensions: 15 x 43 x 95 mm