Bathtub Trap with 50mm Stainless Steel Strainer
Waste Kit, Drainage

A bathtub waste kit with a stainless steel strainer is a reliable and effective solution that perfectly fulfills its role in bathroom sewage systems. Its design allows for effective water drainage while retaining all impurities using a stainless steel strainer.

The product is made of durable and resistant materials, which guarantees its long-term functionality even under conditions of intensive use. The strainer provides effective protection against contamination, which makes the bathtub trap an extremely useful element in everyday bathroom use.

This bathtub trap is easy to install and use, which makes it an ideal solution for users looking for simple solutions. Its design ensures effectiveness and durability over a long period of use, which is important for maintaining hygiene and efficiency in the bathroom.

Material: synthetic
Intended use: bathtub
Rubber plug
Colour: White
Diameter: 50mm

Warranty: 2 years

EAN: 5907726092805