Trap for Double Chamber Sinks, 90 mm
Waste Kit, Drainage

Highest quality waste kit, made of solid plastic. The trap is intended for use in two-bowl sinks. This trap with overflow is ideal primarily for larger houses and apartments where a 2-chamber sink is used, as well as for catering facilities and all places where larger sinks are used. The product ensures very effective drainage of water from the sink to the sewage system. It has two separate drains for both chambers, and is also equipped with a flexible overflow drain, which increases the convenience and safety of using the sink. Each trap is made of the highest quality white plastic, which, thanks to its durability, can serve efficiently for many years. Another significant advantage of this trap is its very smooth surface, which is difficult for dirt to adhere to and can be easily cleaned if necessary.

Intended use: two chamber sinks
Material: synthetic
Color: white
Diameter: 90 mm
Sink hole diameter: 3.5 inches