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Polymer Bitumen Primer Quick Dry Tytan

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Polymer Bitumen Primer Tytan Evomer Quick Dry – 9 and 18 kg

Application: priming mineral substrates (concrete, cement, ceramics, gypsum), wood, including OSB boards, as well as bituminous and metal surfaces; preparation of the base for roofing – bituminous (self-adhesive and heat-weldable roofing felt, bituminous masses, roofing coatings) priming for heat-weldable and self-adhesive foundation roofing felt and waterproofing masses; improvement of adhesion and load-bearing capacity of incoherent substrates, such as repaired bituminous coverings

About: quick-drying – dries even in 20 minutes; rainproof – after 20 minutes; also for use on damp surfaces; increases adhesion to the ground; compatible with bituminous and mineral materials, polystyrene; safe for the environment – does not contain organic solvents

Usage: 0.15 – 0.2 kg per 1 m2

Container Size: 9 and 18 kg

Warranty: 1 year

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18 kg, 9 kg


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