Wall ties connectors, flat anchor, connection anchor

made of stainless steel

Dimension: 300mm x 20mm x 0.7mm

Application areas:
A traditional wall connector in masonry construction.
Wall connector for the butt joint technique for connecting a longitudinal and transverse wall.
Masonry connector for making wall connections.
Half of the wall connectors are to be inserted in the horizontal joint against which the stiffening wall abuts.
This ensures a firm bond (butt joint technique).

The wall connectors must be fully embedded in the joint.
To do this, insert the connector at half the joint height and cover the top with mortar
Minimum joint thickness 2 mm (for masonry using the thin-bed method)
Install at right angles between the surfaces of the walls to be joined.
Butt joints between walls running transversely to one another must always be mortared over the wall thickness
Minimum binding length: 140 mm

The above rules apply under the following conditions:
Storey height h ≤ 2.75 m
Wall thickness of the load-bearing wall d ≤ 24 cm
Distance between the transverse walls b ≤ 7.2 m
Wall load for buildings with up to two storeys: N ≤ 70kn/m,
with two to four storeys: N ≤ 150 kn/m
Tie-in length of the anchor plate ≥ 14 cm (with an anchor length of 30 cm).
For larger wall loads or for 30 and 36.5 cm thick walls, the
described rule execution.

Manufacturer: HR

50 pcs or 250 pcs pack