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Torch On Felt Base 7.5 sqm ICOPAL

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ICOPAL Base Roof Underlay Membrane, weldable

4.0 mm Quick Profile SBS 7.5 m2

intended for waterproofing insulation, in particular as a base layer in multi-layer roof coverings. Can be used for making new or for renovation of old roof coverings.

The top side is covered with fine-grained mineral sprinkle, the bottom side is profiled and protected with a plastic film.

Application: Base Layer in multi-layer roofing, waterproof

Material: Based on a Polyester non-woven fabric, reinforced with fibreglass, with double-sided coating of SBS modified bitumen with mineral filler

Method of application: hot air welding

Width: 1 m
Length: 7.5 m
Thickness: 4 mm
Coverage: 7.5 m2

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Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 105 × 30 × 30 cm


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