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SCHEDPOL Universal Curved Bathtub Panels

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SCHEDPOL Universal Curved Bathtub Casing

Due to the special design and the use of the highest quality materials and additional mesh reinforcement, the panels can be easily adapted to each bathtub curve. The panels do not constitute a stand-alone foundation, therefore the product should be additionally supported (e.g. with a metal frame) or the casing replaced with a suitable Stabil sound carrier.
The panels are designed for semicircular bathtubs with an arch length of up to 240 cm and a built-in height of up to 59 cm (bath height – up to 63 cm).

Length: 240 cm
Height: 58 cm
Compressive stress at 10% relative deformation:  0.167 MPa
Tolerance: +/- 10%
Water absorption:
– after 1 h: 0.051 kg / m2
– after 24 h: 0.086 kg / m2
Reaction to fire class: E

Warranty: 5 years

Delivery time on request

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 85 × 63 × 22.5 cm


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